Sunday, 11 August 2013

August Already!

Cheryl Arkison, has collected 1,630 slabs (15.5 inch blocks - see prior post) to make quilts for people in Calgary who lost everything in the floods. The 30 that my friends & I sent helped. She was going to start sewing them together as of August 3rd. As you have probably guessed my plan of two hours a night did not work. My life keeps interrupting my quilting. I did finally complete the charity quilt. First here is the one Joyce quilted and Carol did the binding. Thank you so very much ladies!!!
The quilting was done 1\4 inch either side of the seams where the blocks were joined and then around the appliqued hearts and in the ditch both sides of the first border in each block.
Here is the charity quilt that I quilted and bound.
I did my quilting in the ditch between the blocks and the first border in each square. Then I quilted around the appliqued hearts. On every other block I quilted diagonal lines both directions . On the alternate blocks I just added eight hearts around the outside border.
This shows it fairly well. How about the back?
With the charity quilts out of the way, I finally got back to my tulip garden wall hanging.
This is the main body of it. I have two more borders to add and hope to get those on this week. We have decided to add a puppy to our family. We pick him up on August 17th and are rather excited.
His kennel name was Orange Boy. His actual name will be Max, short for Mad Maxx (Max to the extreme). He is a medium size Labradoodle. I have a feeling that he just might slow my quilting down. Oh well, it has been really slow this year anyway, so can't get much slower. We also just finished watching the final matches of the Rogers Cup Tennis and have Cincinnati to look forward to this week, then in two weeks the US Open. It is a good thing that I am doing some applique work in front of the TV. I am back to my two fabric Hawaiian style zebra from the Pacific Rim Company that has been on the go off & on for the last two years. I might just manage to stick with it this time! I hope you get some time for your quilting this week! Have a good one!

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